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Advertising screen-LED Street Advertising Display PU06U

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  • Warranty(Year):1 Year

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  • Packaging: piece

Product Specifications

Product Description



1.     Standard designed cabinet. One cabinet can fits differentpixel requirements. Lighter, thinner and more convenient for installation andsaving delivery cost.

2.     Unique waterproof cabinet design is qualified for IP65,can be directly installed in the outdoor environment; No-fan design, betterheat dissipation, more energy-saving, safer and more environmental friendly.

3.     Can be installed in different climates and differentarea. Operation temperature is between -30℃-50℃. With good anti-corrosion function, can be installed in the high salinityand high humidity coastal areas.

4.     Minimum brightness is 4500cd/m2, can beinstalled in different environment. Energy-saving and Environmental friendlydesign; Installed multi-function card, can adjust the brightness according tothe environmental brightness changes.

5.     Supporting remote wireless and wired centralized controlsystems, one monitor center is able to control several LED AdvertisingDisplays. Supporting smoke, heat, and humidity monitoring function.

6.     Not only have two backup systems, but also providesrelate maintenance spare parts which are designed in modularizing forpost-sales maintenance. You can switch to spare system, once there is anyemergency.

7.     Double-side advertising display.


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